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4-Gauge 1,600 Watt Amp Installation Kit

 4-Gauge 1,600 Watt Amp Installation Kit
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Product Description
Your car doesn't always come off the lot with the highest-quality sound already installed. But you can remedy that. This Pyle Link PLAM40 4 Gauge 1,600 Watt Amp Hookup for Battery Head Unit and Speakers Installation Kit has everything you need to get started installing a new head unit and speakers in your car.
Features & Specs
  • Kit includes:
  • 20ft 4-gauge red power wire
  • 4ft 4-gauge black ground wire
  • 20ft 16-gauge blue remote turn-on
  • 20ft 12-gauge speaker wire
  • 20ft RCA male-to-male audio cable
  • 6ft black split-loom cable conduit
  • AGU type 60A, gold-plated fuse
  • Water-resistant, in-line fuse holder
  • Two 4-gauge ring terminals
  • Two 4-gauge 2-spade terminals
  • Five 16-18-gauge spade terminals
  • 3 butt connectors
  • 20 cable ties
  • Black grommet
Item Details:
  • Model: PLAM40
  • Weight: 2.93 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • UPC: 068888719780
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