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Privacy and Security
We respect the privacy of our customers. Please read our Privacy and Security Statement, designed to help you understand what information we gather online and what we do with that information.

How We Use Your Personal Information
So that we can provide excellent service and a convenient shopping experience, Mobile Audio And More gathers information from you in the following situations:
  • Purchases - When purchasing a product, you provide us with your name, address, contact information, and payment information.
  • Returns/Exchanges - When returning or exchanging a product, relevant details will need to be collected so that we can process your request.
  • Gifts, contests, surveys, and other promotional events - Certain personal information may be required to participate in various promotional events.
  • Personal Shopping Account - When creating a Personal Shopping Account, you authorize¬† Mobile Audio And More to store personal information related to making purchases, to make order placement more convenient.
  • Email updates and newsletters - Subscribing to Mobile Audio And More e-mails for updates on exclusive offers and discounts, product news, contests, and more requires you to provide your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Cookies and Other Technologies
Our website uses cookies to process your order and provide a personalized shopping experience to our customers. To complete purchases and process transactions on, your browser must have the ability to accept cookies enabled.
Cookies allow Mobile Audio And More to keep track of which services you use on our website, and which pages you visit so we can provide a more effective and customized experience. They also allow your browser to remember which items you've added to your shopping cart, as well as speed up the checkout process if you have a registered account. If you are concerned about indefinitely leaving cookies on your computer, you can delete them using your browser's privacy options or settings.

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