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Slithering Snake

 Slithering Snake
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Product Description
This Odyssey Toys Slithering Snake measures in at approximately 15 in. long with a realistic appearance. Watch as its long tongue retracts and in out of its mouth, and take note of the tail that realistically swings back and forth. The Slithering Snake comes equipped with a remote transmitter in the shape of a snake egg, which controls the snake's movements using infrared technology. Its free-moving design creates lifelike, accurate movement—you'll know it's not real, but your friends and family won't!
Features & Specs
  • 15 in. long toy snake with realistic appearance
  • Tongue retracts in and out of mouth
  • Slithers when moving
  • Features a remote transmitter in the shape of a snake egg
  • Includes infrared remote control, 2 battery chargers, 3 LR44 batteries, screwdriver, Li-Ion battery, and instruction manual
Item Details:
  • Model: ODY-590
  • Weight: 3.05 lbs
  • Warranty: 60-day
  • UPC: 857483008067
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