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5-Farad Power Capacitor

 5-Farad Power Capacitor
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Product Description
The 5-Farad Power Capacitor from Power Acoustic delivers immense amounts of energy to your amplifier quickly. The PCX-5F helps to provide a more constant voltage to your amplifier, resulting in a cleaner more defined sound. Plus, there's added flash with the LED accent lighting!
Features & Specs
  • 12V-16V DC
  • Blue digital voltage meter
  • Viewing window with blue LED accent lighting
  • Polarity & voltage protection
  • Protection alert indicator
  • Satin finish with chrome end caps & mounting brackets
  • Terminal post for ring terminal
  • Double-clamp blister packaging

Item: PCX-5F

Upc: 709483027978

Unpacked weight: 3.30 lbs

Shipping weight: 3.58 lbs

Warranty: 1-year

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