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Latching Phantom Ignition Module

 Latching Phantom Ignition Module
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Product Description
The PAC IGN-3 Latching Phantom Ignition Module offers 2 main functions to ease installation of aftermarket electronic accessories in today’s vehicles with CANbus and those with engine stop start technology. The Power-off-delay feature provides consistent accessory power during varying vehicle conditions, such as engine shutdown at a red light or alternator disengagement while driving. This feature is essential for vehicles with stop-start technology! The Power-off-delay function has 2 selectable settings: 10 seconds, for typical stop-start use, and an extended power-off mode where power is provided for 140 seconds before it is turned off. If the 10-second “power buffer” isn’t enough for your installation, simply cut the brown loop wire, and the IGN-3 will provide accessory power for 140 seconds after the engine or alternator turns off.
Features & Specs
  • Easy way to provide accessory power in a CANbus vehicle
  • Keeps electronic aftermarket accessories from shutting down at red lights in stop-start equipped vehicles
  • Detects when the engine is running and provides switched accessory power wire
  • Selectable Power-off-delay of 10 seconds or 140 seconds
  • Simple, 3-wire installation
Item Details:
  • Model: IGN-3
  • Weight: 0.53 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • UPC: 609098829359
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