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SGP Series 200-Amp Relay and Isolator

 SGP Series 200-Amp Relay and Isolator
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Product Description
Looking for a rely or isolator? Check out the Stinger 200 Amp Relay and Isolator! Use a Stinger relay with multiple battery installs and help prevent draining all batteries for safe starting. Using an isolator when adding a second battery will keep the batteries from discharging each other and allow you to run accessories from the secondary battery without draining the primary battery. When installed correctly per instructions, the 2 batteries are automatically connected when the vehicle is started and running and disconnected when the vehicle is off. SGP Series high-current relays can also be used in applications requiring 80 amp to 500 amp current like motors, winches, commercial equipment, etc. The 2 small terminals are for switching the relay on and off. Either of the small terminals should be connected to chassis ground or other ground location and the other terminal to switching power output. Switching power must be between 10 volts DC and 16 volts DC. The relay coil draws less than 1 amp when switched on.
Features & Specs
  • 200 amp constant
  • 500 amp peak current
  • Prevents primary battery discharge, ideal for second audio-battery isolation from vehicle systems
  • Compatible with all types of alternators and charging systems
  • Maximum current transfer, high-current relays are the most reliable and efficient way to add secondary batteries to a system
  • Water-resistant black phenolic plastic
  • 100,000 mechanical cycle life
Item Details:
  • Model: SGP32
  • Weight: 1.95 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • UPC: 609098796019
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