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Gold-Plated Crimp-on Banana Plugs, 16 pk

 Gold-Plated Crimp-on Banana Plugs, 16 pk
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Product Description
This Pro-Wire Gold-Plated Crimp-on Banana Plugs, 16 pk, contains 8 red and 8 black connectors. Use the IW-16 PLUG with the IWM-BPG, IW-BPG or IW-BG series In-Wall Jack plates. If used with the IWM-BPG series jack plates, crimp on the bananas in the inside of the J-Box, and plug into the back side of the jack plates for a clean and really fast installation.
Features & Specs
  • 4 banana plugs make one 4-conductor connection - required for both pairs of a stereo connection
  • Solderless connection
  • Gold plated
  • Crimp-on type connector
  • 16 pk - 8 red, 8 black

Item: IW-16PLUG

Upc: 769381541167

Unpacked weight: 0.20 lbs

Shipping weight: 0.30 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

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