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IDEAL 89-5047

RG59 inSITE Compression Connectors, 35 pk

 RG59 inSITE Compression Connectors, 35 pk
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Product Description
IDEAL RG59 inSITE Compression Connectors, 35 pack, are all single piece designs that are manufactured to meet the demands and expectations of the satellite and cable TV industry. All series of connectors are effortlessly positioned onto properly stripped coax and are permanently connected when terminated with an IDEAL OmniSeal Compression Tool. All IDEAL compression F-connectors use a standard 1/40, 1/40 strip. Multiple package quantities and connector features ensure that you will have the right connector for your application.
Features & Specs
  • Works on standard dual-shield coaxial cables
  • Weatherproof 360° visual indication of correct cable insertion
  • 75ohm imp
  • 35 pk
  • Compatible with 30-793 tool
Item Details:
  • Model: 89-5047
  • Weight: 1.40 lbs
  • Warranty: 90-day
  • UPC: 783250689408
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